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Invest in YOUR health

How much does your favorite coffee habit cost you? -- "According to reports, the average American spends approximately $1,100 a year- or $3 each day-- on coffee.    If you're ordering a tall drink it's costing you, on average, $3.34 daily, $1,221 annually and $6,105 over 5 years!"

What is the average spent on restuarants, take out and fast food? -- "The average adult spends $232 per month eating meals prepared outside the home. With 18.2 meals eaten outside the home in an average month, these meals outside the home costs a person $12.75. (Per person - not including spouse/children.)"

How much does the average person spend on alcoholic beverages? -- "An average of $1,270 per year, according to the survey, with the highest reported amount at $10,000 and the lowest at $100.

22 percent of adults purchase and 'drink' two to three times a week, while 20 percent enjoy a 'drink' just once a week."

Statistically, other items that are typically used/consumed..... Sodas/Tea/Processed Juice, Synthetic "Health" Supplements (powders, pills, shakes, wraps,etc.), Unused Gym Memberships, Monthly Subscriptions, Contemporary brands of makeup and accessories, Hair/Nail sessions, + More 

"I fully believe, that if we are able to regularly invest in some or all of the nonessential items we consume and use daily, then we have the means to absolutely

Invest in our Health"

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