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Let's work together!

I am here for YOU! Your supportive mentor, nutrition specialist, and fitness trainer.  Knowing every body type is different, I am committed to offering you tailored solutions. By providing science-based, trusted information, positive encouragement and continued motivation, YOU will progress into Modern Wholistic Living!   

You are ready if...

You are willing to take charge of your health and make the necessary changes to improve

You are ready to create a wellness vision/plan and trust the guidance provided during the process of health change

You want to be held accountable for implementing healthy behaviors

You are interested in preventing chronic illness

You are in need of optimizing your health to start a family/conceive and experiencing challenges

You generally want to be healthy, sleep better, and reduce stress

You are not ready if...

You are looking for a quick fix

You want an easy meal plan / personal chef 

You can't make YOURSELF and this health process/change a PRIORITY.

Now it all makes sense! Food can trigger an immune response which may manifest itself in physical symptoms. Find out the contributing factors concerning some of your discomfort. Your personal checklist of 1,ooo Food Sensitivities/Non-Food Items, Hormonal balance, Gut Biome Analysis, Digestive Health and Metabolism Analysis, Metal Sensitivities, Mineral and Nutrients Analysis, Vitamin Deficiencies, and More!

 We will sit down, review your results, and develop a general plan to help you advance towards a healthy lifestyle for YOUR body type. Take that extra step and gain a better understanding about your body and maintain health.

We will also discuss one on one behavioral changes regarding lifestyle, exercise, attitude, and nutrition. Modern Wholistic Living's program is normally embraced by clients who have been battling multiple body alignments, disease, difficulty with weight lose/gain, hormonal imbalance, gut issues, etc.

Already part of a different program?

Good News!

This FST and Program is versatile and can be implemented into many health programs. You can use this personal guide and the results of your Food Sensitivity Test to apply changes in your current health routine.

MWL Program modifications requires commitment and consistency to succeed in leading a "Wholistic" Lifestyle.

Invest in YOUR HEALTH!

Let's get HEALTHY!

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More Options.....

- Recipe Revamp -

(In Home/Kitchen or Online)

Do you have a recipe you would like to recreate?

Enjoy your traditional meals with a Healthy touch.

Live F H I I T-ness sessions are also available! 

(please see Lifestyle & Exercise page for details) 


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