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Creating a space to train for YOUR body type! 

Although at times we feel genetically there are "clear body types", it’s important to be aware that these aren’t set in stone. There is plenty of room for growth, health and change.  My method of training is best compared to professional athletic trainer Alejandro Guerrero and applying the same principles of focusing on muscle pliability. Focus the mind and challenge the muscles. This ensures realistic longevity and flexibility of your muscles. In other words, workouts that will strengthen and lengthen the use of your muscles you use in your everyday life. NOT the unnecessary use of heavy weights/lifting. Most of us aren't training to be linebackers who need to lift 285 lbs. professionally. So, why would you lift and train that way?

 My workouts are a mix of full body FHIIT (Functional High-Intensity Interval Training) encompassing conditioning, strengthening, weight loss, toning, etc. I believe in "training to be only as strong as needed for your position". The healthy position needed for you to function at YOUR BEST in your everyday day life.

Here you will find tips to encourage healthy growth in your lifestyle and exercise. It is all ONLINE! You can enjoy the convenience of exercising in your own home/space and have an instructor guide you through each session.  I can see each one of my clients and help with form, motivation, encouragement and get the same results as you would in a gym environment.

Of course for best results every workout requires patience and commitment.

Try my

Live "FHIITness" Sessions!

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